20 of The Coolest Shipping Container Homes Ever!

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Shipping field homes have inside the current beyond become a popular fashion. They offer severa benefits to domestic proprietors. Moreover, they may be quite cost-powerful and take very little time to installation.
Take a walk with us into the world of creativity to pattern some of the most outstanding works on this discipline and get a good deal-wished idea to provide you with your personal imaginative layout.

Cool Shipping Container Homes
Shipping container homes have in the recent past become a popular trend. They offer numerous advantages to home owners. Moreover, they are highly cost-effective and take very little time to set up.

#1 Costa Rica Containers of Hope

This architectural masterpiece is a great example of how far a little creativity can go. Considering that the main challenge faced by shipping container homes enthusiasts is too much length and not enough width, the designer here placed two containers side-by-side to create a spacious and extremely scenic modern home.

The extensive use of glass for the outer walls further enhances the effect of space, making the house appear like an impressive blend of the regular indoors and an adventurous outdoor space.

The slanted roof design makes it quite an object of beauty while allowing generous air circulation within the interior space. More Info Here

#2  Zigloo Domestique Shipping Container Home  

This is a remarkable choice for eco-friendly home owners around the globe. The project not only utilizes end-of-life containers that would otherwise have been disposed of, but in its construction it saves the life of approximately 70 trees by providing suitable alternatives to wood in the project.

It comes with all the convenient features of a modern home like air conditioning and floor heating to keep up with the seasons. It also features huge, picturesque windows that afford the tenant an amazing view of the beautiful outdoors all year round.

It has all the basics one would need in their living space spruced up with a touch of style. More Info

#3 Honomobo Modern Modular Shipping Container Homes 

This extremely sleek structure has utilized the simplest of designs to execute a result many potential shipping container homes enthusiasts only dream of.

It has successfully converted an ordinary and drab container into a luxurious sanctuary complete with a patio for Sunday afternoon barbecue.

Look at the creative use of glass to maximize on light infiltration on the entire front side and the clever placement of the living room and kitchen on this bright side.

Considering that the cost to build a container shipping home is so many times lower than an ordinary home, it seems like one of the best innovations to the home ownership front. More Info Here