cost of shipping container homes

Cost of shipping container homes

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The House is a household needs as a residence to protect families from a variety of things, especially the scorching heat of the Sun, the chill air and as a place to rest after a tired. The building must be designed properly so that the stand is not quickly broken.

But besides the cost factor of making homes sometimes become constraints that would like to have a cheap and decent place to live as a family residence. This time the site’s market price will provide information about home design, minimalist house made of containers or crates. The building was known by the name of container houses.
cost of shipping container homes

Actually, in the countries of Europe and America “container houses” this alternative has long been the architects to build a House, shop, Office or building such replacing permanent buildings at a price much cheaper when compared to building the foundation stones and embedded with cement. Container houses should not use roofing tiles as well as the House in General.
Container home prices with the latest designs are indeed still no by default, though there have been many devotees. But at least the estimated price that can be ascertained is taken from the main raw material, namely containers itself. The price of a used/new container that is on sale currently measuring 20 feet with a length of 6 meters for sale between $1500-2000. While the price of containers the size of 40 feet length of 12 meters of standard market at the harbor between $30004000
While home prices have a container designed and transformed into an elegant houses, offices, shops that have been in place complete with home furnishings such as AIR CONDITIONING, electric, Windows, interior, tables, chairs, kitchen, etc. can be sold reached  9000 $ to hundreds of million dollars.
Surely the standard container house price above is not the benchmark, because it depends on the model design, container rates and completeness of interior furnishings in it.
Actually you can just make your own design with a minimalist model so that it can make the container houses with the lowest prices.
If you want want to make a model of the design of container houses like the one above can ask and order a design image submission Plan offerings and building Budget.