Designs for shipping container homes

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House design of the container is a breakthrough in using unique materials for homes but also efficient in terms of cost. The container is widely used in the port to storegoods import and export or often referred to as crates and crates of boxes.
In addition, it is also often used for truck or container trucks are often called. The structure of the container material is indeed much more sturdy and strong because the purpose of its use as a storage area. It‘s what makes unique ideas popping up to make a house out of a container.
The box is very suitable to create a unique home and also durable. Any container sizes vary. Most houses of a large container is indeed made from a large container anyway. If the House made was terraced houses, then the design of the kontainernya will be stacked into one between the top and bottom.
The interesting part of this House design is that you can add a wide variety of designs of door or window with different materials, ranging from wood or glass. But some are making doors and Windows with the same material of the container.

Designs for shipping container homes Blue Hill, Maine

designs for shipping container homes designs for shipping container homes designs for shipping container homes designs for shipping container homes designs for shipping container homes

Designs shipping container homes El Tiemblo, Spain

Designs for shipping container homes Designs for shipping container homes Designs for shipping container homes Designs for shipping container homes Designs for shipping container homes

3 benefits of Designing Homes From Containers

1. Forms and textures unique to home

If you look at the shape and texture of the container closer, then you will find interesting materials with unique grooves. The design is what will be the design of the walls of your home. Uniqueness is not only seen from the House, but also from outsidethe House. So many people will be more interested in your home.
Public color container is white, but you can get another color design with paint it according to the theme you want. Keasikan of the process of painting is that you don’t have to be a member of the same color on all containers, but also different colors. This will make your House more diverse with an attractive appearance.

2. solid House

The container is a very tough material strength. Because these objects are designed to be ready with all kinds of weather when the removal process and storage of goods. That’s why many are trying to use it as a base material in building the House. Butthere is one thing that might be you feel, IE hotter air inside the home.
Due to the strength, then often the air present inside the House will feel hotter. Thus you can create a more open house design with lots of large Windows and doors. The two parts can be more profit, that is, making your House into elegant and spacious. As well as presenting a great view into the House.

3. a simple house design

The design of the container itself is very unique, so you don’t have to stick to or menggatungkan additional decoration to the walls of the container. Without such decoration thus is a key how do you show off the design of the container at your House.The granting of the wall color to containers has been highly enough to make Yourmore modern container houses.
So, to design the House of containers is a unique way of utilizing a large container as the main building of a House. This design is perfect for making terraced houses. The advantages of making a home of the containers is getting a design House that is of course unique, home with a sturdy buildings, and is also simple and easy to be decorated. Although this type of home is still very rare in Indonesia, you can start became the first person to make a house out of a container in the environment where you live.

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