how much do shipping container homes cost

How much do shipping container homes cost

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how much do shipping container homes cost

Like conventional houses, Shipping container homes can cost varying quantities relying on diverse reasons; place, length, pleasant, materials used, kind of container used and many others. For this reason we’ve damaged this publish down into  halves, the first half will use examples to expose you what you may get in your cash. The second half of will drill into costings in extra detail and explain the various factors that impact on the price.

Examples and Costs



Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Cost: US$40,000  |  AUD$49,000   |  GBP£26,000

Size: 640 Square Foot



This domestic become constructed a few miles out of doors of costa rica’s capital for a stunning $40,000 and is called ‘packing containers of hope’. It has two bedrooms and a sloped roof to allow the hot air to escape on warm summer days! The house turned into constructed for the peralta family who wanted to be debt unfastened and develop vegetables off their land.



Location: County Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Cost: US$202,000 | AUD$246,000 | GBP£133,000



Northern ireland dwellingpatrick bradley a farmer and an architect, designed and built this elegant living for $202,000; barely over his unique budget. However he said he ought to have produced the home for lots much less as he spent a whopping $25,000 on the toilet and $fifty three,000 at the kitchen! The house changed into made from four shipping container and was constructed on his farm in northern ireland.

Manifesto-House-in-Chile-300x185Location: Curacaví, Chile Manifesto House in Chile

Cost: US$93,000 | AUD$112,000 | GBP£60,000

Size: 960 Square Foot Time to Build: 90 Days!




The ‘Manifesto House’ was built back in 2009 in Chile and only took 90 days from start to finish. The two archtects, Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Galeano, claim the home was made with 85% recycled materials. It features three bedrooms and an outdoor terrace to lap up the sun.


Location: Brisbane, Australia Graceville – Brisbane, Australia Example

Cost: US$490,000 | AUD$600,000

Size: 6000 Square Foot+ Time to

Build: 6 Months


Here is an incredible example of what can be achieved when you combine shipping containers with a fantastic architect. This spacious pad has three floors, four bedrooms, a double garage, art studio, gym, swimming pool; the list goes on! The house is also flood proof and recently sold for over $1,400,000!


Ireland-Shipping-Container-Home-Example-300x200Location: Cork, Ireland

Cost: US$60,000 | AUD$73,000 | GBP£40,000

Size: 320 Square Foot

Time to Build: 3 Days



This home can without problems sleep a circle of relatives of three or four; it can sleep up to six humans if you have visitors over! It has an outdoor deck to take a seat out on for the duration of the summer season and is geared up with era like sun panels and micro warmth restoration units.

Source: TheJournal.i.e

how much do shipping container homes cost

Affects on cost

Like every challenge that is undertaken, and a shipping field home isn’t any distinctive, it’s sure via the project control triangle paradigm. The paradigm indicates us that time, scope (exceptional) and cost are continuously in struggle with each different. A critical factor to don’t forget with this paradigm is we can best prioritise one; time, scope (nice) or price.

  • We can build the home quickly to a high quality but this will be expensive.
  • We can build a high quality home, for a small amount of money but this will take a long time.
  • We can build the house quickly and for a small amount of money but the quality won’t be incredible.

Don’t fear in case you’re no longer completely getting this yet, underneath we will be un-boxing this paradigm and showing exactly how this relates to us.


The primary massive implication for the value of your shipping container house is time. How rapid do you need to be living in your dream home!? Most people will solution as soon as possible to this however unfortunately this can power up the cost of your home.

So if our closing date can’t flow the only two elements that may be changed are time and first-rate. And in case your excellent is constant (that is generally the case) the handiest element left that could pass is the cost. For instance when you have a timescale of 4 months to absolutely assemble your new domestic. Four months is constant so and so is the best so fee has to present and it necessarily goes up because both it slow and first-class are fixed.

Inside the event that your scope (first-rate) isn’t constant we can hold the initial fee of the mission but this will be at the expense of the first-rate. As an example, because we have a smaller time scale and no extra cash we have to lessen the scope of the venture, meaning that three tale residence simply become a two story residence!

It’s not all terrible news though, because time may be your nice pal if you make a decision you aren’t in a hurry and are inclined to take extra time to construct, to get your dream home inside price range! We are able to allocate a large amount of time to construct our home, say one year, this may allow us to produce a without a doubt marvelous field home for a fraction of the cost.

Is it beginning to make feel now? Hopefully!


The second component within the triangle is price, or the price range. Now practically every body i realize who has constructed a container domestic, or some other domestic for that count number, starts offevolved with a hard and fast finances in mind. Whether that is $50,000, $two hundred,000 or $a million it’s nearly continually constant. Due to this it method we are able to best modify the scope (quality) or the time it takes to construct our house; allow me show you some examples.

You start with a finances of $a hundred,000 and after a month of building your private home you realise you’d want to make your field domestic slightly larger. The best manner to do this without massively growing the price of the build is to extend your time limits appreciably.

Or permit’s say, again you start with $100,000. After some months of constructing you’re beginning to fall not on time due to some unexpected occasions. Now if your cut-off date to finish your private home is constant your best choice left is to drop the scope (great); installation a barely less expensive kitchen, or make your house two tales in place of 3… you get the concept.

Scope (exceptional)

Initially permit’s just make clear by means of what we mean by means of scope. The scope is what you’re trying to build, it explains the boundaries of the task; i.E. What number of square foot your house might be, what number of stories your home can be, will it have a swimming pool, etc.

Now we know what it approach, permit’s test the ultimate issue in the triangle. This issue is twofold, it includes each the scope and the best however they’re regularly interchangeable.

So you’ve sat down and deliberate your dream field domestic (if you need to discover plans, have a look at our blogpost: shipping field domestic plans) and two months in, the challenge is going for walks being agenda. Nicely glaringly you don’t want to trade your design due to the fact that is what you’ve been dreaming approximately so that you can change both your price range or the period of time to build the house.

If you increase your budget, you continue to get the home you design and chances are in case you increase your budget enough you may keep to the closing date.

However, in case you’re budget is constant and also you don’t want to trade your design, then all you could is extend the deadline and allow the challenge to overrun on time, in order to maintain the fee down. In the end you can change the fine of your design, i.E. Buy used delivery containers alternatively of latest ones.

With any luck now you have a terrific information of how time, fee and scope affect the rate of your transport container domestic and you could recognize why the examples proven above price the quantity they did.

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