how much does a shipping container home cost

How much does a shipping container home cost

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I’ve spoken lots right here at container domestic plans about the importance of making plans your transport box domestic earlier than you construct.

this may help you keep away from simple errors before you start building.

but how are you supposed to plot if you may estimate the price?

I’ve previously shared examples of transport field homes and what sort of they value to build.

but nowadays, I wanted to share a cost breakdown so that you can see precisely in which the money gets spent on a field home construct.

instead of happening in minute detail, I need to percentage with you some of the most highly-priced aspects of building a container domestic and display in which you may doubtlessly save cash.

shipping field price


how much does a shipping container home cost

the most practical vicinity to begin is with the real shipping containers.

now, the price will vary lots depending on the condition and type of boxes that you want. allow me percentage with you the fees for some of the maxima generally used bins.

  • 20′ delivery box new: $three,000
  • 20′ transport field used: $2,100
  • 20′ excessive dice transport container new: $three,200
  • 20′ excessive cube delivery field used: $2,200
  • forty′ delivery box new: $5,six hundred
  • 40′ transport field used: $2,850
  • forty′ excessive cube transport box new: $five,800
  • 40′ high cube transport container used: $2,950

i wrote approximately this in lots more intensity, but i’ll repeat it right here. my private preference is to apply high cube boxes due to the fact they offer you with a further foot of ceiling top.

in phrases of buying new or used packing containers this truly is a private preference. with new containers you have got the benefit of knowing they are in ideal circumstance- however you pay a top class for them.

while with used packing containers you keep money, but run the risk of purchasing a few banged up vintage containers meaning they might be steeply-priced to restore.

make sure you examine my shipping field inspection tick list to avoid shopping for beat up boxes.

as you could see at the pricing list, used 40′ high cube boxes offer the fine cost for money.

i might attempt to buy these.

lamentably though, they may be pretty hard to locate so you might want to spend some time monitoring them down.

don’t try and buy the containers if they are too some distance away because the transportation expenses may be extortionate.

insulation charges

while it’s tempting to try and cut corners with the insulation and keep money, that is one of the few places i’d say don’t!

in case you get the insulation level incorrect then your house simply isn’t going to be at ease to live in.

it’ll be too warm at some point of the summer and too bloodless at some stage in the wintry weather.

no longer perfect.

in terms of insulation there are three alternatives: spray foam, panel or blanket. i can discuss them from a pricing perspective here, but make sure to examine my in depth insulation article for more guidance.

let’s first have a look at spray foam insulation.

in case you’ve read my blog for any length of time you’ll recognise that i typically want to advise this kind of insulation.


because it is the most effective one that presents a continuing vapor barrier. this helps save you problems such as mold and damp.

not handiest this, but it’s also the thinnest alternative at round 2” thick.

price est: $1.seventy five to $three in line with so. feet.

subsequent, let’s look at panel insulation.

panel insulation is barely thicker than spray foam insulation at round 3” thick.

however the predominant benefit of panel insulation is that it’s miles the easiest insulation choice to set up.

the drawback is that it requires wooden battens to be fitted to the box first. this manifestly reduces the amount of internal space inside the packing containers.

fee est: $zero.seventy five to $1.forty five according to sq. ft.

subsequently, let’s examine blanket insulation.

blanket insulation is the most inexpensive sort of insulation. and, much like panel insulation you need a few form of wood battens to in shape the blanket insulation to.

the maximum famous blanket insulation is fiberglass and mineral wool- you want to ensure you’re carrying gloves when fitting it.

cost est: $zero.30 consistent with sq. feet.

basis fees

next we are going to take a look at the fee breakdown of laying the inspiration to your transport bins.

again, like with the insulation, you have got three predominant picks for the foundation: pier, strip (trench) and slab.

our cognizance here is much less on the construction techniques and more at the benefits and fee of each technique. you could locate my article on foundation creation strategies here and right here.

so first, a pier basis.

a pier basis is made up of more than one concrete blocks. it is through a long way the quickest and most inexpensive foundation kind.

it is also very diy pleasant as it requires no expert system.

you may apply coarsely combined stucco without delay onto your transport field.

the benefit of using stucco is that it affords your containers with climate protection. rather than the rain and frost hitting your steel packing containers it’ll as an alternative hit the stucco.

cost est: $6-10 in line with square foot.

your different preference for external cladding is to apply timber.

this enables to offer a greater ‘natural’ finish to your home and may be completed extraordinarily affordably if you use recycled wooden.

you’ll first want to fit vertical battens to the outdoor of your field and then fix the cladding to those battens. to healthy the battens to the container you may use bolts. you could then use nails to restore the cladding to the battens.

western purple cedar makes a tremendous cladding fabric, but glaringly you’ve got a huge variety to select from.

cost est: $2-3 in keeping with rectangular foot.


i am hoping this shipping container home fee spoil down has helped you.

i think most importantly it indicates how the choices you make about the containers, foundation, insulation and cladding can highly impact the charge to build your own home.

once more, to reiterate, i’ve handiest protected the maximum vital elements which have an effect on the price of a shipping container domestic.

if sufficient humans are involved i will do a entire price breakdown, permit me understand in the feedback section below!