How to build a storage container home

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how to build a storage container home

how to build a storage container home

One of the extra niche traits in sustainable design of the past few years has been the re-use of Shipping Container in order to create the structure of a building. Because of their convenient length, shipping containers  are properly-desirable for use in homes and their appeal lies of their obvious simplicity: you get a room added in a single piece, and you could stack them together to make a couple of rooms or be a part of them up to make larger rooms.

However of route, matters are never so simple, and the usage of shipping containers to make a residence continues to be fraught with demanding situations – especially as the idea is still notably new, so there are few humans with the information required to construct one without a hitch. It truly is why the parents over at container home plans reached out to 23 experts from round the sector – designers and owners who’ve overcome the demanding situations to build their personal container homes – to invite them what they wish they’d known before taking on this mission. Take a look at out their 11 top pointers after the damage.


1. Make certain you notice the bins you’re buying

“the only aspect that i wished i had not accomplished changed into buy my container without seeing them – i took the enterprise’s phrase that they could be in exact shape. They had been beat all to heck.”

– larry wade, seacontainercabin

2. Or, spend a bit extra on a One-Trip Container

“i want i had regarded that it doesn’t fee that rather more for a One-Trip Container and they’re like trendy.”

– larry wade, seacontainercabin

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Transport container residence / studio h:t. Photograph © braden gunem shipping container house / studio h:t. Photograph © braden gunem
Three. Read up in your neighborhood rules

“every us of a has its personal units of guidelines and standards. This means a container residence in us does no longer look like a Container House in denmark. This is something the general public do now not consider. The container a ordinary product, but weather, fireplace regulations and so on aren’t…”

– mads møller from aarcgency, fashion designer of the wfh residence

Four. Find a contractor that can do it all

“the one issue we’d have performed in another way could have been to locate one contractor to assist the entire manner as opposed to having one for buying and modifying the bins, and another to finish out the indoors.”

– kam kasravi and connie dewitt, proprietors of the ocean container home through modulus

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Manifesto residence / james & mau, for infiniski. Picture © antonio corcuera manifesto residence / james & mau, for infiniski. Photograph © antonio corcuera
5. Recognise your delivery container marketplace

“i desire i knew that there were bins that are taller than 8 foot.”

– mark wellen, rhotenberry wellen architects

6. Apprehend the shipping containers structure

“i assume expertise how the structural integrity of them works could be very critical- i.E. The two long walls are both load bearing and bracing so in case you were to reduce a hole in a single it needs to be compensated.”

– dan sparks, g-pod

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Incubo residence / maría josé trejos. Picture © sergio pucci incubo house / maría josé trejos. Image © sergio pucci
7. Do not count on to make a huge saving

“what i wish i had known is that building a house from transport bins fee me a comparable quantity as a stick built house.”

– robyn volker, owner of the north department container residence by tim steele

Eight. Decrease the required welding

“welding takes a long time and is expensive, so try to keep it to a minimal.”

– brad tomecek, tomecek studio (formerly studio h:t), designers of the nederland colorado shipping container house

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Wfh residence / arcgency. Photo © jens markus lindhe wfh house / arcgency. Image © jens markus lindhe
Nine. Know the way to insulate

“i wish i knew how to insulate the transport container, we ended up soldering elements at the partitions after which sprayed them with a foam anti-fireplace insulation.”

– arnold aarssen, studio arte

“we wish we’d acknowledged in cold countries exceptionally, you want to ensure you’ve got proper insulation to defend in opposition to condensation.”

– james & mau, designers of the manifesto residence

10. Plan beforehand for plumbing

“one issue that might have made a large distinction would had been to have all of the plumbing chases cut out of the container floors and ceilings to easily run pipe when they were stacked.”

– kelly davies, travis charge architects

Eleven. Have a method to address wind

“we did not count on so much wind inside the website and at the moment are having to display off the wind with flowers as the container makes a piece of noise when there are massive gusts of wind.”

– the peralta own family, proprietors of bins of hope designed through benjamin garcia saxe

Ensure to check out the entire put up on container house plans for extra recommendation and ideas from 23 experienced designers and owners of transport container homes.