How to insulate shipping container homes

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How to insulate shipping container homes

Before we examine the 5 methods you can use to insulate your shipping container home, the first query we need to address is whether you should insulate your shipping domestic or not. I’m able to’t strain enough the significance of insulating your own home. Even though the choice of no longer insulating might seem an appealing, less expensive opportunity, in the long run it absolutely isn’t cost powerful.

In case you don’t insulate your shipping not best will your home be both scorching hot or arctic cold, your private home can also be prone to condensation, which could motive corrosion or mold.

Now you comprehend the importance of properly insulating your house, i am hoping you decided to insulate!

Weather, climate, climate!

In relation to the strategies used to insulate your private home, the only aspect to bear in mind throughout this complete publish is: all of it relies upon in your weather!

As an instance- if you are in a completely bloodless weather, you may want plenty of insulation to hold your house warm and also, extra importantly, to protect your bins against condensation. If this cold surroundings is also prone to masses of rain and could be very wet then you definitely might want to apply spray foam insulation to create a seamless vapour barrier.

While, in case you are in a completely dry, warm, weather, you certainly received’t need a lot insulation and also you should cognizance on designing your insulation round maintaining your container cool


When reviewing the methods of insulation beneath, maintain this difficulty approximately climate differences to your mind and sense free to invite any questions inside the feedback underneath!

With regards to the sorts of insulation you can use, you’ve got 5 important alternatives: you could use foam, blankets (rolls), insulation panels, eco-friendly and ultimately, design (more approximately this later!).

Foam insulation

If your budget lets in, i might pick out to apply spray foam insulation. Using spray foam insulation guarantees you get a seamless vapour barrier of insulation- this allows to save you in opposition to such things as corrosion and mildew.

Spray foam is by way of a ways the fastest technique of insulation, and in maximum instances affords the best r score (the r rating is how properly the insulating material can withstand warmth waft; the higher the variety the more the resistance). In addition, spray foam is relatively flexible and can be sprayed into gaps of any size.

The best drawback of the usage of spray foam insulation is that it’s greater costly and loads messier to suit than maximum of the opposite insulation strategies which we discuss later.

For the spray foam something similar to the dow froth pak six hundred might be best. That is a -part aggregate, and every inch of foam implemented presents an r cost of 7.5. If you aren’t searching out an business solution you can purchase hand operated spray foam consisting of- dow super stuff foam insulation. Whichever spray foam solution you pick out, make certain it’s closed mobile polyurethane foam.

Spray foam insulation may be implemented on each the external and inner partitions of your containers; you can additionally spray it below your container to stop any moisture from the ground creeping into your bins.

As soon as the foam has set you can then decorate instantly onto the foam with paint to complete off the outside look of your bins!

Insulation panels

Panel insulation is the maximum diy friendly form of insulation and prefer blanket insulation, it calls for stud partitions to in shape. You can buy the panels at predefined sizes and truly in shape them in between the gaps to your stud walling. Panel insulation is quicker to healthy than blanket insulation; however you generally discover panel insulation is barely extra costly.

One component you should endure in thoughts, but, is that panel insulation has a high insulating value for its extraordinarily small intensity. Depending on the emblem and specification, for each inch thickness they commonly have an r fee of seven.Five. So, in case you don’t want to spend plenty of cash for foam insulation, panel insulation will assist you to keep the thickness of your insulation to a minimal while being fairly priced.

Blanket insulation

Blanket, or roll, insulation is diy friendly and is the cheapest of the insulators discussed right here. It requires stud partitions to location the insulation in, but as soon as the stud partitions have been fitted the insulation can be positioned within the gaps very quickly. The most common blanket insulation is mineral, and you possibly realize it as rock wool.

Blanket Insulation

The most effective trouble you may discover with this sort of insulate is fitting it; a few forms of blanket insulation are crafted from fibreglass so they need to be dealt with with care. If you are fitting this form of insulation make certain you wear the correct private protective system (i.E. Nightfall mask, gloves, shielding remaining and safety glasses).

If value is your primary issue i’d select this insulation, but if possible, i’d again suggest using spray foam insulation so that you can create a continuing vapour barrier.


As we found in our last blog post, why do people live in shipping container homes, the second one most common cause humans live in transport shipping containers is because they want to construct houses in a sustainable, environmentally pleasant way.

So what higher manner to maintain this theme than to use green insulation to insulate your home?

Over recent years more and more green insulation has come to be to be had and a number of our favourites encompass: wool, cotton, dust and a dwelling roof.

Wool insulation

Wool insulation is similar to the blanket insulation mentioned above. But instead of the use of debatable substances which includes fibreglass, it uses natural sheep wool which can be made for a fraction of the strength requirements used to make its artificial counterpart.

Cotton insulation

Again like wool, cotton insulation is a form of blanket insulation; it’s miles made out of recycled cotton garments.

So what makes cotton so environmentally friendly? Nicely, it’s a natural, renewable resource which can be grown extraordinarily brief. The simplest obvious downside to cotton insulation is, it expenses double that of normal fibreglass insulation.

Dwelling roof

Growing a dwelling roof isn’t a right away substitute for your insulation, however it is able to virtually be used to assist reduce your indoor temperatures all through the summer.

For the duration of the wet seasons, a living roof offers no insulation blessings, however all through warm summers indoor temperatures can be decreased by using up to 8 percent. No longer handiest that- how cool do they look!?

A good deal better than a conventional sloped roof i’m positive.

greenroof Shelter Explodes

Dust, may be used as an insulator or it may be used to build whole homes on its own. A good deal much like the living roof mentioned above, mud can be used in dry-warm climates to keep warmness out.

This has historically been achieved for centuries in locations like north india, in which complete houses are cladded with mud.

With shipping containers, mud may be used at the bins roof and additionally on the containers walls. If you are using dust on the bins outside partitions you’ll need to use battens so that you can permit the mud to paste to the container.

The usage of mud is only advocated in places in which rainfall is scare.


Your very last option is to definitely design your private home in this kind of manner that it cools/heats itself. The satisfactory example we’ve visible of this is vissershok number one college in south africa.

Vissershok primary faculty determined to extend their faculty through making stand-by myself school rooms out of shipping containers.

In the course of the summer external temperatures in south africa can reach in excess of 86 fahrenheit, so it became critical that the shipping containers had been insulated nicely to prevent them heating up like a inexperienced residence. The solution to this changed into to design the containers in this kind of manner to apply the natural environment to chill the containers down.

They constructed the lecture room with a large sloped roof which does two things: firstly, it permits hot air to upward thrust up and out of the container . Secondly, cold air blows in and gets pushed down by using the roof into the school room.

Every other layout used to help hold the containers cool was to place lots of small home windows on each facets of the container. When the windows are open, it allows cool air to blow throughout the container taking the warm air out of the container.

One component to endure in mind here is that you don’t should use a certain form of insulation completely. For instance you can use spray foam insulation for the container walls and roof, and then use rock wool underneath the container to keep the price down. You may even integrate insulation on the identical segment, as an example you may use rock wool on the beneath of the container and then spray an inch of foam over the rock wool to create an airtight seal.

The fine shipping containers use a selection of insulation methods which have been mainly selected to satisfactory meet the desires in their nearby climate.


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