How to make a home out of shipping containers

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Buying a new home may be able to provide its own pressure on you, especially with the price continued to soar. Company Honomobo Canada is presenting the solution, by building a home unique and flexible from an economical containers. As to what this House?
make a home out of shipping containers
You can now order them online, and enabling this container as the home in General with the top floor that can serve as the main room (the room, living room, kitchen and bathroom) and the bottom which can be used as a yard, garage, and space for a vacation at the weekend. Interesting isn’t it? You get home with the function as expected with not to spend that is too large.
Company Honomobo designed three types of container houses with the layout andspacious room. Starting from HO2 type with open spaces and functional kitchen and bathroom. HO3 type with three containers that were merged into the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen with a size larger. HO4 is the largest type, with four containers that are combined into one, complete with two bedrooms in it.
how to make a home out of shipping containers
All this HonoMobo model is ready to be marketed, including a natural park and a hot water tank which is environmentally friendly

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