How to make a Shipping Container Home

How to make a shipping container home

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A container used to be discarded and no man’s land. Now, preen and containers capable of giving a cool look at the residence. In fact, it could be a trend around the world.

How to make a Shipping Container Home
The trend of container-forming material as a former space seems yet to be over. Arguably this iron-based material languid used. Even in some countries such as Europe, the container transformed into a dwelling.
The reason is, because it doesn’t require a lot of land and the cost is cheap.
Many have assumed that the container is not suitable in tropical countries, as it will make the residence is getting hot or the other can’t stand the weather.
But we emphatically refute that assumption. Because when processed with the proper way, containers can serve as raw material for other buildings.


How to make a shipping containerHow to make a shipping container
The container is made of steel material and is commonly used for storing and transporting goods. Because of the function, the container must satisfy the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to goods stored in it are not easily broken.

However, as strong as any the container, he will experience corrosion, either due torubbing against another container or other air and water containing salt. Therefore,although already coated by special paint iron quality, the use of containers for the home should be processed with the proper way.

Due to a long period of time, then in addition to must be in good condition, the processing of any container to be precise.

The container will be used for the building should have the condition above 80%, meaning that the rate of corrosion is low, the body container is still good, and the shape of the grooves are still good (no dents). The function of the grooves on the walls of the containers is to increase the strength of the walls, the slope of this other column on a concrete structure. So, when it is already flattened (dent) and lots of Rusty then power walls will be reduced, the age of the building becomes shorter.

There are two sizes of containers available on the market, i.e., 6 m x 2, 4 m x 2, 56 mand 12 m x 2, 4 m x 2, 56 m. The price of one container that has not been modified(not repainted and given the insulation) ranging from millions of $240, depending on the condition of the container. Meanwhile, to container 12 x 2, 4 m x 2, 56 m modified $1000

Create A Cool Container

The container is a material formed of steel. Steel has properties as an introduction to good heat (conductor). So can you imagine, how temperature container houses when the average temperature during the day only reached 33 ˚ C ˚ C-36, then the temperature inside the container can reach 50-60 ˚ C ˚ C.
Therefore, it is strongly advised to cultivate the container properly. One way is by using the insulator retaining heat. There are two suggested, namely insulators insulators insulators from outside and from within. You can apply these two systems at onceto reduce the heat entered the room containers. Insulation was applied on the outerarea is in the form of the exterior paint has the ability to resist UV rays (UV protection coating). This paint is coated in the roof area of the container. Meanwhile, an insulator from within have two options, namely polyurethane and rockwool (glasswool).Has density polyurethane insulation (density levels) by 40%, whereas a rockwool only 25%. Therefore, it is recommended to use a polyurethane-based insulationsystem, although the price is a little more expensive.

Polyurethane can be applied by means of sprayed evenly on the wall of the container. Thickness of polyurethane can be customized to your needs. Then, the wall was given the order to order iron hollow wall coverings to be used e.g. plywood, boards,or multiplex. The next stage, the wall is given in the form of wallpaper or ceramic coating. In the presence of heat insulation, material that falls splashed against the steel wall could be rejected so that the temperature of the space in the container could be 32-35 ˚ C ˚ C.
Well, to get a cooler room temperature, you can add a window in the wall of the container or use air conditioning room temperature container equipped AIR CONDITIONING can reach 23 ˚ C ˚ C-25. Conversely, if there are equipped air conditioning, insulation can only lose to some degree, from the original 55 ˚ C ˚ C to 25. For flooring, you can layer it with parquet, carpet, vinyl, or ceramic tile.

What To Look For

When the container wants to use as a residence, check a few things here, so that Your container home safe and comfortable while livable.

  • Electrical installation path. Size as required.
  • Air circulation.
  • Plumbing lines.
  • Paint primer.
  • The size of the furniture.


Specify The Location Of The Residence

Set up a team of architects/interior designers/contractors to design the home of your container, from placement of plumbing, electrical installation, and cabling.

Find A Container

Buy containers that represent Your residential design. Most containers are sold directly by container distributor. You can also use the services of a contractor to build Your residential containers. Please choose the size you need.

Wake Structure

The container will be more stable when built on flat land. So, the container should be cast in the form of concrete foundations.

Create the Windows, doors, and Skylights

Windows and skylights are an important part of container houses, because you need the intake air and natural light. Consult with Your architect or contractor about the best position to put of these elements, so that it cannot damage the appearance and structure of the container.

Create Space

Other houses from concrete materials, the container houses also have some space.Wake up space you’ll need. A practical way to divide space by menyekatnya using gypsum walls.

Please Check Back

Check back the strength and structure of Your container home. Make sure that thewiring is neatly wrapped so that it cannot cause the impact of tersetrum on its use.Because iron is a material, which is easy to deliver electricity.